Manufacturing at UZ

Transforming fabrics that once existed as kimonos and clothes into new products. It became a work to clear various processes that do not exist in the original manufacturing process.

Started with the activity of "Kimosato (Kimono Foster Parent Search)" ,
Uzfabric's manufacturing started from overcoming such hurdles one by one.

to wash and untie.

The kimonos that come to Uzu are first washed by the hands of craftsmen.
This washing process also did not go well from the beginning. In particular, how to wash pure silk (silk, silk), which is a natural fiber. is probably going to be a theme that will be verified forever while continuing the brand.
There were all sorts of problems, such as stains, wrinkles, and color transfer, but at the current stage, at what stage can everyone handle it casually as a modern fabric? There is) I was able to start selling while repeating verification every day.

Another process called "unwinding" that is not found in ordinary products. This was also one of the big hurdles.
how to untie Who will you untie me? How long does it take? There are untieable parts and untieable parts. There were various problems that came up.
Currently, we can sort and separate the fabrics that have been unwound for each part, and take them to the stage before they are reborn as various products.

to design and combine.

The unique colors and textures of kimonos, the patterns and the use of threads are all wonderful and full of charm that will take your breath away. Therefore, it is difficult to handle, difficult to get used to, and although I am interested in kimono in the first place, I do not have the skill to wear it. There must be countless people who have stayed away from kimono for such reasons.

Make it easy to pick up, casual, and friendly. Make it easy to use and familiar. To make it easy to match with modern things. Uzfabric's products are designed with them in mind. To be honest, due to the characteristics of the fabric, it is jab jub in the washing machine. I can't go into that, but I would like to propose a sense of distance from things so that you can enjoy it, including taking care of it. We are working on manufacturing with this spirit.
The carefully selected fabrics are carefully sewn one by one by craftsmen, and reborn as new and attractive products that are different from their original uses and values.

To package, to convey.

A major feature of Uzufabric's products is that there is only one and only one in the world. This is because the raw material is the fabric that someone has finished using and has finished its first role. When people pick up such Uzufabric products, we want to create a sense of excitement that other products do not have. With that in mind, we have created the package and gift wrapping with great care. Shipping boxes, gift boxes, paper bags, etc. are made to be reused.

Any entrance is fine. I hope that this mind will be unconsciously transmitted to those who pick it up. Believing in the once-in-a-lifetime chance and the value of things connecting things for tomorrow, Uzufabric's manufacturing will continue.